Hi, gang.

I’m afraid I’m in deep doo-doo with some readers.

Back at the end of June, I had vowed to enthusiastic readers of THE FRANKLINS to have the next Trenchcoat Investigation out by the end of September. Well, gosh, we are 3 days from December.

It occurred to me this Thanksgiving afternoon I need to Blog more on ChuckEmerson and Charlie Poise, so I’m telling you here and now that PP-ACA has put a wrench in my fiction writing.

Since I don’t have a movie deal for THE FRANKLINS just yet, I’ve continued my life-long career as a life and health insurance agent. Before Obamacare, most of my income was from group medical plans for small companies, even with just two employees/owners. With PP-ACA many of those need to morph into individual/family policies.

For all the good it is trying to do, PP-ACA has software problems, inefficiencies, and confusion like no program in recent history. And thus my process of taking care of the folks I pledged to take care of has turned into a hurry-up-and-wait nightmare from a time management standpoint.

Trenchcoat Two is 40% completed. I’m not sure when it will be finished. I am sooooooooooooooooo tired most evenings what with all the snafus — the insurance companies have hardly fared any better than H.H.S.’s software, though. I could elucidate but H.I.P.A.A. looms and I don’t wish to inadvertently disclose someone’s P.H.I. !

So. I’d like to say Nate and the gang will be on your doorstep February 1 or March 1 … and yet I can’t.

I CAN tell you that Trenchcoat Two (tentatively entitled: COLLATERAL FRANKLINS) picks up right where Book One ended.

Hope you remembered to burp after Turkey Dinner.