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Hi, gang.

I’m afraid I’m in deep doo-doo with some readers.

Back at the end of June, I had vowed to enthusiastic readers of THE FRANKLINS to have the next Trenchcoat Investigation out by the end of September. Well, gosh, we are 3 days from December.

It occurred to me this Thanksgiving afternoon I need to Blog more on ChuckEmerson and Charlie Poise, so I’m telling you here and now that PP-ACA has put a wrench in my fiction writing.

Since I don’t have a movie deal for THE FRANKLINS just yet, I’ve continued my life-long career as a life and health insurance agent. Before Obamacare, most of my income was from group medical plans for small companies, even with just two employees/owners. With PP-ACA many of those need to morph into individual/family policies.

For all the good it is trying to do, PP-ACA has software problems, inefficiencies, and confusion like no program in recent history. And thus my process of taking care of the folks I pledged to take care of has turned into a hurry-up-and-wait nightmare from a time management standpoint.

Trenchcoat Two is 40% completed. I’m not sure when it will be finished. I am sooooooooooooooooo tired most evenings what with all the snafus — the insurance companies have hardly fared any better than H.H.S.’s software, though. I could elucidate but H.I.P.A.A. looms and I don’t wish to inadvertently disclose someone’s P.H.I. !

So. I’d like to say Nate and the gang will be on your doorstep February 1 or March 1 … and yet I can’t.

I CAN tell you that Trenchcoat Two (tentatively entitled: COLLATERAL FRANKLINS) picks up right where Book One ended.

Hope you remembered to burp after Turkey Dinner.



Trenchcoat Investigation II is brewing in the storm that is my mind…………….




The Franklins are coming


My newest novel, The Franklins, will be published in trade paperback and ebook very soon (projected June 2013).

It’s a mystery of confusion, consternation, and comedy.

It’s not a mystery of murders and gore.

Stay tuned.