Some guys are clueless and of course they don’t know it. Jeff Brownfield, though, is beginning to wake up. He’s 29 and sees serious danger up ahead. He might end up one of those aging bachelors who sits home on Saturday nights watching Lifetime movies with a cat named Mittens. That’s a fate worse than, well, anything!

It’s October, 1995. The Homecoming game and dance are three weeks off. State U’s Homecoming is a must do for senior staff (Jeff’s an administrator in Political Science). His best friend of ten years, State’s offensive line coach, bets tickets on the fifty yard line that Jeff will be dateless for Homecoming — again. Pride gets the better of Jeff and he takes the bet. He agrees to buy steak and lobster dinner for three if he doesn’t have a date — and pay for the game tickets. But can Jeff find a date? How? He has just twenty-one days and no phone numbers.

And so the story goes.