Now that the Huricane Season for the Gulf Coast is dead and gone for another year, I’m at a loss as to what servant activity I might engage in on the http://www.  Down here in Houston regular snow advisories aren’t in the cards; everyone knows that when it rains, it does so with reckless abandon; and we native Texans complain that it’s too cold when the termometer dips below 45F.

It was really kinda surprising doing the updates. I had no idea how many folks had watched for my Hurricane post on my Facebook home page until they started thanking me in sideline remarks to other issues, emails and casual conversation at Big Texas Saloon and Dance Hall.  It really was kinda fun for a guy who lives by himself.

It gave me a community project to rise to each morning. I would get up and check the overnight advisories, decide whether I should wait for the 8:00 AM EDT computer models, then figure out a way to the meteorolo-bable and oft not so pleasant news into something more readable, while staying on point without harboring panic between the lines.

So, what now? If you have an idea of what I can do from now until June, please leave a comment.


P S  Happy Holidays, no matter which ones are yours.