For those of you who have enjoyed my novels and short stories but haven’t had a chance to write a review, Amazon has made it easier by giving you choices to pick from drop-down menus.
I just did one on a John Sandford Prey novel. Easy as eating apple pie.
Here’s an article on this new feature:




Luv this guy’s perspectives. Thank you, Elmore Leonard.







Nolen Davis interviewed me and The Franklins for his Crative Biz Ideas. Had a blast.


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Dean Wesley Smith was first published in 1989. He has sold over 100 novels.

Here’s his top ten reasons for not publishing traditionally today.


(I share his view.)







And here’s COLLATERAL FRANKLINS first review (customer Tammy Leadbeater).
The first Trenchcoat book left me wanting to get into the second so I could put the pieces together. This book strung me along, without being frustrating…just kept me wanting to read on. There was action, adventure, humor and a human side to the story. I can only hope the author continues to give life to Nate Trench in future books as there was a budding romance between Nate and Lynette that needs exploring. The book flowed from one chapter into the next. I will continue reading about Nate Trench for as long as Chuck Emerson continues to keep him alive.



Chuck Emerson grew up in El Paso, Texas, the oldest of three sons. He sang in the church choir and often a cappella at weddings. He enrolled at Texas Western College (later U T El Paso) before entering the United States Navy where he served four years as a Communications Technician based in the Philippines and Spain. He returned to El Paso, graduated from UTEP and went into the insurance business. Later he was blessed with a very creative son, Stephen Charles “Tzoul Shine” Emerson. Chuck took up racewalking in the early 90’s and later country western dancing.

Chuck was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation and Meritorious Unit Commendation in addition to National Service Medal and Vietnam Service Medal, two stars. He wrote a weekly editorial page column for U.T. El Paso’s student newspaper, The Prospector, for three consecutive years. He served two terms as a member of El Paso City’s Cable Communications Advisory Board, one as chair. Later, as a masters racewalker, he managed a top-ten-ranking for the entire western half of the USA two consecutive years in the 90’s.

He moved to Clear Lake City, Texas (Houston) early in 2003 and now lives a few blocks from the Johnson Space Center. Chuck has been recognized three times as Diplomat of the Year by the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. He has published six works of fiction and one year won 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes for short story at the 15th Annual Conference of the Bay Area (Houston) Writers’ League.

At least two evenings a week, when he’s not writing, Chuck dances two-steps, waltzes, & polkas for three to four hours. Gals, if you like to be spun around the hardwood to a fast polka, Chuck is your man.