CollateralFranklinsFullCover-3rdNewRed-cropJuly 14, 2014. Second in series.

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Chuck Emerson (AKA Charlie Poise) could be described as any/all of the following:

A United States Navy veteran who grew up in El Paso, Texas, a Communications Technician 3rd Class, who was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation and Meritorious Unit Commendation in addition to National Service Medal and Vietnam Service Medal, two stars;

A weekly editorial page columnist with U.T. El Paso’s student newspaper, The Prospector, for three consecutive years;

A  graduate of U T El Paso;

A small-employer life and health insurance agent with thirty-five years inside the lives of complex and driven  professionals and business owners;

A top-ten-ranked (western half of USA) masters racewalker for two consecutive years in the 90’s;

A father of a very creative son, Stephen Charles “Tzoul Shine” Emerson;

A fun dancer of two-steps, waltzes, & polkas at country western saloons since 1995;

An RWA member who has completed two novels and over forty-six short stories, winning 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places for short story at the 15th Annual Bay Area (Houston) Writers’ League Conference.